İzmir Mezoterapi Tedavisi

Hair mesotherapy is performed by injecting a substance that contains minerals, vitamins, and components that nourish hair follicles and support hair growth into the scalp in sessions.

Platelet Rich Plasma is the patient’s own serum, while mesotherapy contains vitamins, minerals, and substances that the scalp needs. Therefore, when Platelet Rich Plasma and mesotherapy are injected together into the scalp, it has an effect as if the area has received an abundance of vitamins and minerals, and a lot of blood has come, as if it had been enriched. Therefore, the scalp is nourished, and with the simulation of injury, a lot of new blood vessels are formed in that area. If dormant follicles are present, it supports hair growth. If the follicles have died, hair growth is not possible.

When Platelet Rich Plasma and mesotherapy are applied together properly, they have been observed to yield very good results for hair.

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