The reasons for the application of patients reaching the International Lena Health Group Travel team through social media, website, or phone are learned. All medical information of patients, including their clinical condition and test results (laboratory and radiological imaging, etc.), is recorded.

The medical information received from the patient is examined by International Lena Health Group Travel Doctors. Special treatment plans are prepared in collaboration with partner specialist physicians of International Lena Health Group Travel who are successful and experienced in their fields and shared with patients. After selecting the appropriate treatment plan and all medical technologies to be used, an appropriate hospital is determined and presented to the patient for approval.

After approval, alternative price options for treatments are offered to patients so that they can compare and choose the most suitable treatment plan for their budget.

We base our work on our collaborating doctors and medical centers providing services at high standards. We diversify accommodation options and offer different service options for patients; standard, private, and VIP.

Our priority is to analyze the needs of our patients correctly and provide them with the desired service internationally. As a leading company in the sector, we are expanding our service network every day with the quality of service we provide and the goal of continuous progress.