İzmir Safir FUE Saç Ekimi

Sapphire tips help create smaller channels in the area where the roots will be placed during Sapphire FUE hair transplantation. Hair roots are placed in channels of their own size and at the most natural angle. This minimizes the risk of the roots changing position or falling out. Additionally, since sapphire tips have anti-bacterial properties and are hard and durable compared to metal tips used in regular FUE HAIR TRANSPLANTATION, there is less vibration and trauma, resulting in more natural results. This method ensures a smooth recovery on the skin surface. Due to the cost of sapphire tips, it is more expensive than the FUE method.

For detailed information about sapphire hair transplantation in Izmir, you can make a preliminary appointment by contacting our hotline at +90 501 080 66 94.

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