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How is Hair Transplantation Done with the DHI Technique?

The DHI technique can be explained as a method where hair follicles collected from the donor area are implanted (loaded) into the recipient area without creating channels, unlike FUE. The Implanter/Choi needle, which has a very thin, cylindrical, and sharp structure, is shaped like a channel, and the hair is placed into this channel by rolling it along the needle.

Stages of the DHI Technique:
In hair transplantation performed with the Choi Implanter pen, hair follicles are carefully placed one by one into the pen, and the expert team places them one by one on the scalp in their own direction and angle.

After hair roots are placed into the Choi needle, the transplantation is done using the pushing feature of the needle. In the operation, 8 to 10 Choi pens or 10 to 15 Choi tips are used, and the pen tips can be of different sizes depending on the person’s hair root and thickness. DHI hair transplantation has advantages and disadvantages compared to the FUE method.

Advantages of the DHI Technique:
Hair can be transplanted among existing hair.
Minimal risk of swelling.
High survival rate of hair follicles.
Less bleeding due to a smaller incision area.
Faster recovery after the operation, allowing the person to return to daily life quickly.
Shaving is easier in this technique.
Disadvantages of the DHI Technique:
The DHI method is more labor-intensive and delicate compared to other methods, increasing the need for expertise. Due to the sensitivity and expertise required by the method, the cost is higher than other methods, as the implanters used need to be purchased in foreign currency, and more staff is involved in the process compared to other methods.
A maximum of 3000-3500 grafts can be transplanted per session. DHI hair transplantation takes more time, so fewer grafts can be transplanted compared to other methods.

Transplanting hair into the hair area means that the transplant area is very narrow. If there is not enough experience, while working in this narrow area, Choi tips can damage other hair roots. Therefore, the team’s experience affects the success rate.
Is DHI/Choi Hair Transplantation Suitable for Everyone?
Not every patient is suitable for DHI/Choi hair transplantation. It has been shown that placing fine and curly hair roots into the implanter tip and causing damage during transplantation is not suitable for everyone. Subsequent studies have shown that an implanter pen suitable for various hair types has been produced, not only for those with thick hair but also for more general hair types. The implanter pen used today ranges from 0.64 mm to 1.0 mm. With the advances in science and technology, DHI/Choi tips are safely used for hair transplantation. Therefore, in clinics specialized in DHI/Choi hair transplantation, effective, predictable, and natural-looking hair can be obtained.

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